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Hi all,

Here’s a new version of my V8 engine sound for the Scania.

Also L6 engine sound has been updated too.

It works for Scania R, Streamline, T, and 50Keda R2008.

A special Thanks to Matt, he helped me to do this nice sound.

Kriechbaum, MattStreamline


Video 1:

Video 2:

51 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound mod version .7

  1. Maate! You do a fantastic job with these! epic as! well time to switch from your previous sound haha! Man,Im gunna enjoy this

  2. nice sound mod, think i will change the 1 i have now to it. does the v8 mods work on streamline? looks fantastic.

  3. deineMudda

    I tested it with the Scania T and it sounds like nothing. I think it do not work with the T cap.

  4. JohnNecirRebellion

    The sound of V8 like the Turbo, Brakes and also the Engine Sounds of an Passenger Air Plane.

  5. link for scania board computer?

  6. link for scania board computer

  7. The sound at Scania R is not the same sound who is in the video.

    1. sry it is the same. 😀

  8. dear kriechbaum and mattstreamline i used the scania t longline reworked V2.4 by henki
    the sound is not working on this truck can you fix this ? Thnx anyway.

    1. kriechbaum

      It works on RJL’s 1.5 Scania T and reworked by Henki last version of the Scania T too.

      1. DeineMudda

        no! it does not sounds like the one in the video. Sorry but he is right. for me it do not work too

      2. doesnt work for Scania T and reworked by Henki

  9. Andis Kreps


  10. вован84

    уважаемый kriechbaum не поделитесь ссылкой на самосвальный прицеп…и еще что он заменяет…не самосвальный стандартный прицеп(дефотный)…заранее спасибо…

  11. kriechbaum

    Я не поделятся ничего, и прицеп не является частным

  12. How do U get Scania Røling working. I have tried to use Scania Røling mod, but my game crashes.

    1. kriechbaum

      i don’t know, it works here. Check your mods.

      1. Do U use promods / TSM map or the regular map?

        1. kriechbaum

          i use promods on one profile and TSM on an another one.

  13. Okey, maybe I have some mods that get in conflict with Røling Scania

  14. Hi nice sound but one problem it doesn’t work on my version of 50ks scania its the one by punisher the r2 v3 think it is some help would be appreciated

    1. Maybe you have a mod conflict. On the r2 punisher which I use ( it works fine.

  15. Fantastic job brother!!!
    Well done !!!!

    1. kriechbaum

      Happy you like it friend !


        На scania T не работает 🙁

  16. Thanks so much Kriechbaum and Matt!

  17. C:\Users\HP\Downloads\ZZzzzzzz Scania all series V8 & L6 sound version 7.rar: Checksum error in ZZzzzzzz Scania all series V8 & L6 sound version 7.scs. The file is corrupt

  18. C:\Users\HP\Downloads\ZZzzzzzz Scania all series V8 & L6 sound version 7.rar: Checksum error in ZZzzzzzz Scania all series V8 & L6 sound version 7.scs. The file is corrupt

    1. kriechbaum

      Hello, the problem is coming from your side. Try to re download the mod. I think your download had problem, and datas are corrupted.

  19. 4 series version please!!

  20. Excellent work! I will take my tandem Scanias over the Alps with this! My only problem was that I had the mod’s retarder sound on all trucks but I took it off the mod and I now have the original retarder sound which is what I prefer! Thanks for this nice mod and thanks for sharing!

  21. Can you make this sound to be working with this scania?

  22. Trucker Melli

    s-u-p-e-r jetzt nur noch ein sound pack mit diesem mod dann wäre es top !

  23. Scania vabis super

    not the same as the video (im patch 1.13 truck røling)

  24. Unknown Kid

    can i get link to the roling truck mod?

  25. This is the best Scania sound by far. Fantastic work. I have tried for hours but is there anyway anyone could make this sound work with Scania r700 lux please?

    Would be awesome if some could. Thank you.

  26. Could you make the sound for the scania t reworked from henki? really need the sound for that

  27. kriechbaum


    I have tried it on both Scania T 1.5 and reworked HENKI, and them all both work fine with the sound mod.
    Those two Scania T have same .sii files for the engines, the sound etc… So there’s NO problem at all. I have tried the sound on last Henki version for 1.14.

    You should check your mods, try to swap the engine, make sure the sound mod is under the sound mod, etc…

    See you.

  28. Okay thanks

  29. It does not work it dosent matter what i do i have the sound mod under the truck and did try to change engine but it did not work

  30. kriechbaum

    May be ###### question, but did you bought V8 engine?

    If you buy 6 cylinders engine, sound will not be this one.

    Also try another version may be more recent of the Scania T.

  31. ofcourse i did buy the v8 engine! 😀 i have the version i sended in my coment about getting the sound to work

  32. link for truck?

  33. kriechbaum

    i’ve just checked the files of the truck you use and all is allright… I don’t understand why you have this problem. It works for almost everyone. Download a save profile on this site, and enable just the Scania T mod + my sound.

    Just to be sure you don’t have any others mod who makes conflicts.

    1. Hey kriechbaum. Thanks again for this sound mod. It really is the best. I just wondered how i can change the sound for the R700 from the V8 sound to the L6 engine sound. Just like the sound of it. I dont wanna put you out so i dont mind having ago at it my self. Just i’m not sure how. Thanks again 🙂

      1. kriechbaum

        Hi, the truck mod is password locked, and i cannot access the engines values.

  34. Hallo ich habe da eine frage ich habe jetzt update 1.14.2 und den sound geladen aber bei mir geht der sound nicht mach ich da was falsch oder warum geht der nicht habe jeden scania versucht und es ist nur der einfache motorsound bitte um antwort

  35. Schrek-67

    I downloaded your mod and I did not at all the same sound as your example on Youtube

  36. Peder Olesen

    Dear Kriechbaum and MattStreamline. Can you guys please make this sound for Scania R & streamline modifications, that will be so awsome, i verly like that sound, but i want it for Scania R & streamline Modifications 1.5.2

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