Scania R730 V4 Ronny Ceusters skin

Author: Freddy Jimmink


6 Responses to Scania R730 V4 Ronny Ceusters skin

  1. Kromus says:

    Another masterpiece, thank you đŸ™‚

  2. donna8881 says:

    when i install the mod headlights are completely red and the same with everything exstra light on the truck.

  3. Johan Wiqvist says:

    I wonder a thing.
    Freddy Jimmink, have you and Dallyborr made exactly the same skin? Or have some here copied the other?

    It is of cource not impossible that two creators have made the same skin, so I do of cource not say that one have steel from the other. If some have, it is of cource sad.

    • Freddy J says:

      Hi Johan Winqvist,

      There are more people who make the same skins
      without knowing from each other,

      My skin differs from the Daliborr,

      Because there are no rules what you may or may not skin, i skin what i like,



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