Scania R730 V8 Mega Tuning


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Scania R730 V8 [Mega tuning] [1.22.x] Large tuning:
– adapted for patch 1.22
– 4 types of cabins,
– Different versions of the chassis,
– Different types of engines and PPC
– 3 types of interior (UK version available)
– Many additional accessory settings (numbers, ext. Lamps, side skirts, wheel, air conditioning, removable shutters and much more)
DLC Cabin Accessories – is not supported.

bodyguard, Богдан Касалап, vovangt4


13 Responses to Scania R730 V8 Mega Tuning

  1. Karina-Moskva says:

    Cool car !

  2. Angyalfoldi says:

    crashes 🙁 It does not work with patch 1.22 ???

  3. Taninsam says:

    Template or skin for this truck?

  4. telor says:

    no update, no DLC Cabin Accessories, sick

  5. RiXeN says:

    Can we stop reuploading the same mod?

  6. sire says:

    vovangt4 … the best reuploader of the world …

  7. Ryan says:

    UK interior not working ? There’s no option ?

  8. Mohammad#Black Hack says:

    Excuse me,this mode does work on version 1.25.X

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