Scania R730 V8 Mega Tuning


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Scania R730 V8 [Mega tuning] [1.22.x] Large tuning:
– adapted for patch 1.22
– 4 types of cabins,
– Different versions of the chassis,
– Different types of engines and PPC
– 3 types of interior (UK version available)
– Many additional accessory settings (numbers, ext. Lamps, side skirts, wheel, air conditioning, removable shutters and much more)
DLC Cabin Accessories – is not supported.

bodyguard, Богдан Касалап, vovangt4


13 thoughts on “Scania R730 V8 Mega Tuning

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Cool car !

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Nothing… Reupload

      1. use 7zip

  2. Mr.GermanTruck
  3. Angyalfoldi

    crashes 🙁 It does not work with patch 1.22 ???

  4. Template or skin for this truck?

  5. no update, no DLC Cabin Accessories, sick

  6. Can we stop reuploading the same mod?

  7. vovangt4 … the best reuploader of the world …

  8. UK interior not working ? There’s no option ?

  9. Mohammad#Black Hack

    Excuse me,this mode does work on version 1.25.X

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