Scania R730 V8 Stock Sound Mod v 1.0


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This sound is based on the original SCS Scania V8 sound files but contains many corrections.

For the first time we are dealing with a sound mod that promises to offer the best experience.

If you have an error, put high priority, works perfect on SCS Scania R & Streamline. 1.22.1v

Authors: Alexander Swift, SCS, peter la anguila


10 thoughts on “Scania R730 V8 Stock Sound Mod v 1.0

  1. Where can i get this interior / dashhboard realy nice mod..

  2. Fantastic sound really beautiful work, I ‘m thrilled .

    would be very happy if they could make such a great sound for a Daf 106

  3. cant get that sound between the gear changing to work. any ideas?

    1. He can do that by using a clutch I think,

  4. truck mods pls:)

  5. this mod has ruined my save.

  6. Very cool! Could you do same on the rjl?

  7. Swedish-Warrior

    Can you make maybe this Sound for Scania RJL ?

  8. +1 for scania RjL and scania T

    Thanks you

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