Scania RJL A.J.Anderson Transport (UK) Skin

a-j-anderson-transport-1 a-j-anderson-transport-2 a-j-anderson-transport-3

This is a skin of real life Scottish haulier, A.J. Anderson Refrigerated Transport. Works only with RJL Scania. Lightbox included in a separate link. Download and enjoy! Please don’t re-upload but share the same links. Thanks for your understanding.

Authors: ryaskins, (Lightbox mod- Powerkasi, Fred_be)

DOWNLOAD 9 MB Lightbox

6 thoughts on “Scania RJL A.J.Anderson Transport (UK) Skin

  1. speedy143

    That my friend is an awesome job, I have to say your work is just getting better and better…..

  2. Nice Skin ! 😉

  3. Thank you speedy143 and Fred_be! Really humbled to hear that from super modders like you. 🙂

  4. fred_be kunt gij een mermans van hout skin maken voor scania en daf

  5. Does anyone know how I can contact Ryaskins?

    1. @Ruskel:

      You can get in touch in the official SCS forum.

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