Scania RJL All chassis + 2 Skins


Scania is made by RJL (Fordson Mies) changes made by Freddy Jimmink:

Sound and Sunshields are modified.

2 Skins made by Freddy Jimmink

Black Amber

Roland Singer + lightbox by Maxx2504 Modified by Fred_be

Skinned by Freddy Jimmink

Visit my page:

Have fun!


4 Responses to Scania RJL All chassis + 2 Skins

  1. CrazyGijs says:

    Your still alive đŸ˜›

  2. Mak-Kyver says:

    Nice skins!

  3. Christer says:

    Black Amber skin doesn’t work for me it doesn’t show up neither in shop nor service stop I have tested Topline, Topline EXC and Longline.

  4. Domino says:

    Hello how can i find the sexi sunshield?

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