Scania RJL Black Skin

Tested on 1.26.x
It works only with Topline Cabin
You can share it only if you keep the link and credits



11 thoughts on “Scania RJL Black Skin

  1. where did you get those parloks?

    1. I’ve bought them from a guy on sellfy

  2. The simulator guy

    Where did u get that cable board mate

    1. Cable board? Are you talking about that boxes from window? If yes, here you have the link for them

  3. The simulator guy

    No the rear airline cables I’ve never seen that before under the Kentie 4 series picture

    1. I can’t find the mod which contains them, it is made by BKC. Here you have the link for some parts from his mods which were extracted by me. Hope nobody will get mad for posting it here

  4. Where did you get that Chassis? Cause that is not the normal RJL, that covers the rear wheels.

    1. It is the original one. The only difference is that I have bought those covers from sellfy. The chassis is 6×2 long version.

      1. Hey bro, where I can get that yellow lights from the top? Thank you bro! nice work.

  5. Catalin, where I can get that yellow lights grom the top roof bar?

  6. Catalin, This skin looks cool. Thanks! But how did you put the michelin pop so low? I can’t find a dot on that place.

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