Scania RJL Custom Interior v2

This interior is been updated and reworked.
Rain is visible on windshield now
And other reworked stuff.
enjoy and respect original link please



6 thoughts on “Scania RJL Custom Interior v2

  1. How to change black parts?

  2. Garbage file, 2 steering wheels are seen from the foreign view. before posting a mod it is best if it is checked. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

    1. Don’t whine, atleast it’s free instead of the crazy €50 prices for the same quality interiors.

      1. what’s the point of having it for free if it’s rubbish? take it off

  3. GAF-arrow

    have been waiting! Thank you!

  4. Šimon Janoušek

    its doesnt work where can i chance it or i need my truck ??

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