Scania RJL Custom Interior v2

This interior is been updated and reworked.
Rain is visible on windshield now
And other reworked stuff.
enjoy and respect original link please



11 thoughts on “Scania RJL Custom Interior v2

  1. How to change black parts?

  2. Garbage file, 2 steering wheels are seen from the foreign view. before posting a mod it is best if it is checked. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

    1. Don’t whine, atleast it’s free instead of the crazy €50 prices for the same quality interiors.

      1. what’s the point of having it for free if it’s rubbish? take it off

        1. Tvärnegativ

          Go pay 50euros then and stfu? haha why hate opn a well made interior thats free

  3. GAF-arrow

    have been waiting! Thank you!

  4. Šimon Janoušek

    its doesnt work where can i chance it or i need my truck ??

  5. Working great on 1.38! Thank you Kingcustoms for this beautiful interior!

  6. The Sovietic Trucker

    uff, good job man! thanks

  7. comment faire une fois le mode telecharger svp

  8. One of the best interiors by far! But I have one request, Im not a big fan of the Vabis steeringwheel. Can you please make the interior compatible with the stock Scania steeringwheels?
    Thank you.

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