Scania RJL GTM Jens Bode Skin

GTM-Jens-Bode-1 GTM-Jens-Bode-2 GTM-Jens-Bode-3

Simple, yet hopefully effective, skin of Jens Bode Scania R730, recreated from pictures of real life truck.
Designed for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v1.4.1

Works with all chasis lenghts.

Can be applied to any cabin but works best on Topline cabs.

Works best with 6 series low bumper, but can be applied freely.

Tested on 1.21.x game version.
Created with ETS2 Studio for maximum compatibility.

Author: GT-Mike


3 thoughts on “Scania RJL GTM Jens Bode Skin

  1. cool!!

    1. UselessBanana

      awesome mate! would you be abled to do other Jens Bode skins?
      like the Ghost Rider? or these:

  2. puffitheone

    Nice one…Thx

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