Scania RJL Longline EXE Ship Skin

Ship (1) Ship (2)

High-quality skin in 3K treatment for lorry RJL Scania Longline EXE Truck
Tested on 1.19

Authors: SCS, Aleksandro


4 Responses to Scania RJL Longline EXE Ship Skin

  1. Maximka.L says:

    Not bad, not bad…

    • Aleksandro says:

      Hi. Where’d you go? So decided to do two of the ship for RJL Scania.

      • Maximka.L says:

        rephrase please…
        З.Ы. А ешё ведь можно сказать и на другом языке…Ну…ты знаешь о чём я =)

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