Scania RJL Malcolm Braveheart Skin


Here is my Malcolm Braveheart skin for RJL’s Scania.

For light box & bull bar use, powerkasi Scania mods v1.1.3:

Author: speedy143


8 thoughts on “Scania RJL Malcolm Braveheart Skin

  1. AMAZING!!!

  2. Please make skin – Scania H. C. N transport

  3. Scaniadriver/RHT Austria

    some beers for him for that one

    greets scaniadriver of rht austria

  4. flattothematt

    Hi Speedy143,

    Was wondering if you could create a trailer for this truck, something made up but its just an idea, a whole truck and trailer would be brilliant to see rolling down the road!

    Many thanks

  5. Andy Hamilton

    Cannot get the Malcolm lightbox to appear, I have followed and downloaded the links above. Is there a specific load order in mod manager? This is on version 1.23

  6. speedy143

    Make sure the skin loads last.

    1. Got the same problem as Andy Hamilton. You mean put your skin mod at the lowest position in mod-manager? I try this but it still not work. Do i need another mod? I have installed Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.5.2 for ETS2 version 1.24. Thx for help 🙂

  7. speedy143

    As it says in the description:

    For light box & bull bar use, powerkasi Scania mods v1.1.3:

    Skin must load last…

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