Scania RJL Malcolm Braveheart Skin


Here is my Malcolm Braveheart skin for RJL’s Scania.

For light box & bull bar use, powerkasi Scania mods v1.1.3:

Author: speedy143


8 Responses to Scania RJL Malcolm Braveheart Skin

  1. LoVVered says:


  2. Zizu says:

    Please make skin – Scania H. C. N transport

  3. Scaniadriver/RHT Austria says:

    some beers for him for that one

    greets scaniadriver of rht austria

  4. flattothematt says:

    Hi Speedy143,

    Was wondering if you could create a trailer for this truck, something made up but its just an idea, a whole truck and trailer would be brilliant to see rolling down the road!

    Many thanks

  5. Andy Hamilton says:

    Cannot get the Malcolm lightbox to appear, I have followed and downloaded the links above. Is there a specific load order in mod manager? This is on version 1.23

  6. speedy143 says:

    Make sure the skin loads last.

    • Andy_CH says:

      Got the same problem as Andy Hamilton. You mean put your skin mod at the lowest position in mod-manager? I try this but it still not work. Do i need another mod? I have installed Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.5.2 for ETS2 version 1.24. Thx for help 🙂

  7. speedy143 says:

    As it says in the description:

    For light box & bull bar use, powerkasi Scania mods v1.1.3:

    Skin must load last…

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