Scania RJL Power Wolf Skin

Power-Wolf-2 Power-Wolf-1 Power-Wolf-3

Skin is maded for scania rjl
respect authors work please do not reupload

Alexandar Lone Wolf


8 thoughts on “Scania RJL Power Wolf Skin

  1. RacingFede

    Very great skin. Thank You!

  2. Thank you so much!Great band)

  3. Finally someoane who knows what to do with his life! Thank you for this skin !!!RJL Power !!!

  4. Can you give a link for bumper for your RJL ?

  5. Awesome work, I Love it!
    Can anybody tell me where I can find these sideskirts for the low deck version please?

  6. Great Skin! Thank you!
    Is there a link for These sideskirts (low deck Version) please?

  7. alexandar_lone_wolf

    this is powerkasi mod for sideskirts

    1. Can you give a link for the sideskirts? I cant find it 🙁

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