Scania RJL Skin

Really basic skin for Scania Rjl



8 thoughts on “Scania RJL Skin

  1. Thanks again! 🙂
    Is that frontbumper (2nd and 3rd pics) private?

    1. Scania974

      I would know too !

      1. madsedvard

        It’s not private, but it’s a paymod. The guy who sold it got his page deleted, but i think i’ve seen someone else have it too, not sure 🙂

        1. Scania974

          Thanks. But you don’t think that i can find it free ?
          Sorry for my english lol

          1. madsedvard

            I don’t think so :/

  2. Nice mod,

    But Where did you get those caps on the headlights from that make them look A bit angry?

    1. Scania974

      Hi ! You can find it here 🙂

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