Scania RJL Sound by misiek108


Mod changes the sound SCANIA
-Work on 1.23.x and 1.24.x
-More realistic sounds
-There is no sound distortion

Do not change the link !!
I give permission for taking out but keep the author and link the original !!

Author: misiek108


10 thoughts on “Scania RJL Sound by misiek108

  1. Can you make a video please?

  2. Video ??

  3. This is not real SCANIA sound ,this is Cummins C15 sound,are you joking ?

    1. CosmicLizarddd

      ¿Cummins C15? ¿Are you ####### kidding me?

  4. This is Real SCANIA sound

    1. Ughh thats not the rjl scania

  5. You are not author of this mod !!
    This is my mod please add me to authors

  6. где видео обзор европейские твари мать вашу!!!!

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