Scania RJL V8 Barclays Skin [LazyMods]

Barclays-1 Barclays-2

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Hello! This skin is only for Scania RJL Topline cab. Skin is made by me and was tested.
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Author: LazyMods


6 thoughts on “Scania RJL V8 Barclays Skin [LazyMods]

  1. it sucks

    1. you are not obligated to download the skin
      if you do not like not to comment

      1. Hello zoso! I think is a kid, let him too comment, he can’t upset me. 😀

        1. Putin down if I am a child, I do not all the time the same skin and I not create a youtube channel and facebook page for 3 crappy skin

          1. “Haters gonna hate”

  2. Ciao LazyMod, really bothered me
    because I will use a long time to create the skins
    and do many tests to make them perfect to match all the lines, you know well these steps: photoshop open the game check, then repeat these steps to get to the accuracy (this is the part + boring)
    I’m sorry for the incorrect English

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