Scania RJL V8 Denver Broncos, Jackonville [NFL] [LazyMods]


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Hello! This skin is only for Scania RJL Topline cab. Skin is made by me and was tested.



DOWNLOAD 604 KB Denver Broncos
DOWNLOAD 683 KB Jacksonville

3 thoughts on “Scania RJL V8 Denver Broncos, Jackonville [NFL] [LazyMods]

  1. Jandemotorman

    Very nice, still waiting for other teams to show up. Maybe you can make a all-in-one skinpack for the Scania RLJ so ppl can choose between multiple teams. I’m a huge NFL fan but i don’t have one specific favorite team. Tnx anyhow for the great skins

    1. How about every nfl team in skin pack for Scania t by rjl as well

  2. darnellm09

    #BroncoNation #Salute #LazyMods

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