Scania RJL’s T Cab V1.8 Predator Skin

Predator-1 Predator-2

Updated to fit the 1.8 RJL T-cab

Hope you like it.

Author: KBanksy


17 thoughts on “Scania RJL’s T Cab V1.8 Predator Skin

  1. link for those wheels?

  2. Please for the R RJL.

  3. Link for the scania?

  4. Link For the Scania

  5. speedy143

    Awesome skin, thanks for sharing…

  6. link for aweome wheels please ?

  7. Without doubt the BEST & most detailed skin I have ever seen in this game. Thank you, it’s AWESOME!!!

  8. v8k’s wheels, not mine to release, i just change there color, sorry.
    this is the pack

  9. Swedish-Warrior

    Where can I download the taillights?


    excuse my ignorance, but I just need to download this mod to use it or need some more complementary? thx and sorry for my bad english.

    1. vad menar du?

  11. this mod is a SKIN ONLY, everything else is an addon, from other mods.


    (there with not be black i painted them myself.)

    rear Lighs

  12. TeddyBear

    visor isnt in the truck pack, and the skin wont stick onto the cab!
    only spoilers..

  13. everytime i go to load the skin on my truck it crashes to the desktop.

  14. Banksy, please-please make Harley Quinn White skin for MAN TGX XLX and Scania Steamline Highline.
    Love your created skins, they are the best … ever!

  15. Can i get i link for the interior looks Nice ?

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