Scania Robert van Herk



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15 thoughts on “Scania Robert van Herk

  1. what’s the password?

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    If Your version is better than give it! Or keep Your mouth shut buster!

  3. @Blaine .. Honnestly this a site where people post mods for others as well. I like your mod,the truck is great,nice work,i appreciate the effort.. but realy,it’s private and at this point if people can’t download or use it .. i don’t give a #### rat’s #### about it,i don’t care who’s mod/mods are better. Mods are because the #### SCS can’t do their basic #### right so people have to work and improve the game on their own,to make the experience and the truck even more close to the reality .. So,if you have nothing to share with us,except pictures,wanting to get people to floow you on youtube and the urge to showoff .. we don’t care. Stay safe .

    1. floow/follow .. little typo there .. i’ll to church and repent for the mistake 😛

    2. I agree

  4. Pascalh030

    compared to the rest is my skin better than yours, and if you don’t think so upload your own skin and don’t keep it private okay!!!

  5. Nope,he wont upload the mod .. doubt it .. he will keep it private and have solo fun .. Kinda sad that there are people so capable of making parts and trucks that look so close to the real thing that don’t want to share .. Since,i repeat,SCS ain’t doing ####! to fix some of the most basic things for a LOT of their trucks and other game mechanics .. they all about money,money them blasted euros .

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    What in heaven’s name do we have who’s truck is better, if they’re locked and not useable, or no link is available!

    Admin, please stop this ridicule discussion please?

  7. Pascalh030

    I do not know if this just may, but I have a facebook page with all my projects, it is called Pascal’s ETS2 Mods, so please like it

  8. Stop!

  9. stephanv8

    With what mod do you get that lights under the bumpdr

    1. Mak-kyver

      Try balbo light pack from ETS2.LT

  10. Thx for this mod. This skin seems very cool but I cannot seen it

    00:00:37.111 : [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (scania.sii)
    00:00:37.111 : [zipfs] Failed to decode data! (scania.sii).
    00:00:37.111 : [fs] cached read – buffer update failed (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/paint_job/scania.sii)
    00:00:37.111 : [unit] Error while reading units from file ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/paint_job/scania.sii’
    00:00:37.111 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/paint_job/scania.sii)
    00:00:37.286 : Road network navigation caching started.
    00:00:38.438 : Road network navigation caching finished.
    00:00:38.671 : Economy load time: 4858ms (18 MB)
    00:00:38.692 : Game init finished. (94 MB)
    00:00:53.066 : [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (
    00:00:53.084 : [zipfs] Failed to decode data! (
    00:00:53.091 : [resource_task] Can not load ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/’.
    00:00:53.101 : [dds] Malformed DDS file ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/’
    00:00:53.169 : [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (
    00:00:53.169 : [zipfs] Failed to decode data! (
    00:00:53.169 : [fs] cached read – buffer update failed (/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/
    00:00:53.169 : [dds] Incompatible image type ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/’

    Plz see in

    Thx. I hope I have helped. I would like use this skin

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.1s (Steam update automatically always)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :-\ Profile basic without mods (To make test before using to my official profiles)

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