Scania R/S 2016 Template all cabs

Template for Scania R/S 2016 – all cabs

Rebel8520, SCS Software


7 thoughts on “Scania R/S 2016 Template all cabs

  1. J’ ai des problemes avec le template comment ce fait il que je me retrouve avec un effet de miroir de carrosserie sur les carrenage et les autre élément de camion ?

    I have problems with the template how is it that I find myself with a body mirror effect on the carrenage and the other truck element?

    1. I created my templates, and I found a problem with the game textures
      the images on the sides are reflected on the sideskirt and the mirrors.
      The templates created by Rebel8520 are correct

  2. Tremonia1974

    The template is completly incorrect!

  3. je ne comprend pourquoi de mon coter j ai un partis de la cabine sur les carennages gauche et droit ainsi que sur les retroviseurs
    pour ceux qui veulent bien m indiquer une solution je peux vous laisse mon steam ou mon discord merci d’avance

    I do not understand why on my side I have a part of the cabin on left and right fairings as well as on mirrors
    for those who want me to indicate a solution I can leave you my steam or my discord thank you in advance

  4. The template is correct except 2 problems. The grill .png’s are backwards.
    grill_s.png should be grill_r.png and
    grill_r.png should be grill_s.png

    Rename those 2 and all is good. For those who aren’t familiar with the new skinning sytem. Accessory parts are now on separate templates.

    So if you make a normal skin for the Scania S or R other parts like the sideskirts, visor, rear fenders and mirror will have bleed over from you skin(old way).

    Just like your current skins has a dds, tobj and .sii files now all your accessory parts will have to have a dds and tobj. As well as .sii files made for each one.

    Yes….fun fun.

    1. May be, you can do a Tut with more Details ?
      For Nerds… 😉

  5. en faite si je comprend bien ton explication je suis obliger de faire mon skin en plusieur partis et de le rentrée dans le ets2 sutio separement et de le reunir le tout dans un seul et meme fichier ?

    in fact if I understand your explanation well I have to make my skin in several parties and the return to the ets2 sutio separately and bring it all in one file?

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