Scania RS & T (RJL) Yellow GTM Custom Headlights

Yellow GTM Custom Headlights For Scania RS & T (Rjl) Truck

Scania Rjl MOD version for V2.2.1
Scania T MOD version for V2.2.1
Tested game version

GTM Custom Headlights

–SCS Software
–Truck: Rjl
–GTM Custom Headlights : Wolfi



5 thoughts on “Scania RS & T (RJL) Yellow GTM Custom Headlights

  1. Lool maaahn… Can U SHARE the mod with triple tipper trailers from the 1st picture? This COMBO look just SO COOL!

  2. found it, thank u very much pal!

  3. We need the smoke from the stacks too

  4. I can’t make it work on both the T and R & Streamline mod at the same time if I put the R under the T then this mod only work on the T mod and vice versa and if I try to put this mod under both mods then it only work on the mod directly above this mod

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