Scania R&S Topline Poison Ivy skin


Skin Poison Ivy for track mod Scania R&S Topline by RJL
Tested in game version 1.24
Author: Bayun4ik
Please dont re-upload without the author’s link!



7 Responses to Scania R&S Topline Poison Ivy skin

  1. Mike says:

    great job now perhaps a harley quin

    • Bayun4ik says:

      Thanks for a positive response, but skin Harley Quin already exist…

      • Mike says:

        I have seen for Scania T and other scania’s but none for the RS can u give a link to it

        • Bayun4ik says:

          I did not pay attention for what trucks it is made… Is good Th I will make for this truck:)
          Forgive my bad English-this the translator.

  2. Mike says:

    another great skin as always,good job and thank’s for sharing

  3. epn says:


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