Scania R&Streamline (RJL) Scania Blue Combo Pack


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Scania Blue Skin for Scania R&Streamline(RJL) Truck and Trailer
Tested game version

SCS software, RJL, Rommi TZ, Matdom1988, zero922


29 thoughts on “Scania R&Streamline (RJL) Scania Blue Combo Pack

  1. SilvaTrucker

    Superb mod!! Nice Scania 😉

    1. Thank You So Much Mate:)

  2. have you the link for the sunshield and the back bumper please
    what is the version of the truck

    1. Sunshield:DaStig Mod:)

      Back Bumper:chefprutser Mod

      Truck Version:Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.4.1

      1. UselessBanana

        do you have a link for that bumper? cant find it anywhere :/

  3. Great looking skin! Nice job!

    1. Thank You So Much Mate:)

  4. puffitheone

    Nice skin.simply elegant and also much powerful.thy

    1. Thank You So Much Mate:)

  5. How can you have RJL scania looking so low guys (I mean no so much space between wheels and cabin) ??

    Mine is so high that it looks like a monster truck lol … snif !!

    1. Low Chassis MOD is not put, it is the default RJL SCANIA:)

  6. chefprutser

    Verry verry nice combo dude

    1. Great back bumper and nice comment Thank you So Much !!
      Back bumper is a favorite:)

  7. Can you someone this Sunshield !not foundit !

  8. thank you
    i haven t found the sunshield and the back bumper

    1. I’m sorry…
      It was not able to put the link because not gotten the permission of the person in question, and it was really good to be found:)

  9. For the sunshield and much,much more…you must have the stena stal mod.
    Here is the original link.

    1. The link doesn’t work….maybe this one will.

  10. Outstanding,
    Cheers man

    1. Thank You So Much Mate:)

  11. How does the poster get that lightbar under the doors?
    And the four mudflaps on the back.
    Does anybody know wich mod that is?
    Maybe a scania megastore mod for 1.21?


  12. Sidebar is this…
    RJL’s Scania T & Scania R Accessories ReMoled V8 R3.2 By Solutech

    Mudflap was skin yourself chefprutser Mod:)

  13. Scania does not appear in the gallery

    1. If you haven’t found out yet, its a skin for RJL scania, im assuming you found out though 😀

  14. What sideskirts are those?

  15. Awesome skin! Do you have a link to all the lights?

    1. Roof Light?

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