Scania S 2016 Engine Pack 2.0

As the title says, I have a one engine and three transmissions for the Scania S 2016.

They are 2 engines in the pack with enough power to tow a mountain.The differences are that they have different torque curves, one delivers quickly one delivers slow and steady.
DC121 4500 HP 16 500Nm Price:25 Unlocks:0
DC122 4500 HP 16 500Nm Price:50 Unlocks:1

The transmissions this time are three.
One from before 18 speed forward 1 reverse.
Second is 8 speed for playing with automatic transmission, so it has a torque converter (8 speed forward, 1 reverse).
The third is the same as the second (8 speed forward, 1 reverse), but without the torque converter so you can drive manually.

Works with 1.40. and 1.41

la1nar, OLSF, SCS


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