Scania S 2016 SCS Malmbergs Skin by Kraker&NTM addon

Skin Malmbergs for track Scania S 2016 SCS by Kraker&NTM addon
Tested in game version 1.30
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link
Author skins Bayun4ik



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5 thoughts on “Scania S 2016 SCS Malmbergs Skin by Kraker&NTM addon

  1. Ekeri stickers and the box is NTM?

    No no no…

    1. Unfortunately in the game there are no other similar trailers, so you have to do the skin for what it is. In life it is the trailer Ekery.

  2. Justin idea

    Nice skin, have you had any trouble with wheel spin, in low gears and about mid range revs with the truck, its like there is no load on the truck when pulling the trailer, or sounds like a slipping clutch…. thanks again.

  3. how+come+u+dont´have+the+skin+on+the+big+trailers?

  4. Did+this+mod+works+on+ets2+v1.34?

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