Scania S Full Template

Full template for scania S

Scs, Zsombii


6 thoughts on “Scania S Full Template

  1. VirrtualTruckah

    What truck we choose when we enter ets2 studio?

    1. you can’t use this new scania (R+S) in ETS2 Studio
      …well you can, but it’s not gonna be fine, all in defintions
      much easier that way … real teplate is available in SCS FORUM along with plenty of help.

  2. JohnnyBoy59

    There is no template for the full mirrors and the 8x* cab and 8x* parts 🙁

  3. only cabin in 1024×1024. lol

    1. beacuse other parts are on other templates, it helps in remainig files clean for devs

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