Scania S PWT Thermo Update

Skin for Scania S by SCS,
Update of my old skin,
Lightbox texture included,
Ekeri owned skin included,

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,

Follow my page for more awesome skins:




8 thoughts on “Scania S PWT Thermo Update

  1. This one here is a skin for scs new scania and kast’s ekeru trailer, the link you said he stole or whatever is a complete truck model, what are you even saying.

    1. Stolen you said it, not me.
      From your comment you understand that you know nothing about the community of modders and Skinners.
      Ask your friend who you defend, he knows the reasons.
      An advice next time you avoid being a lawyer for the lost causes.

      1. Oh boy, why did I even bother. I dont know anyone, I just couldnt see the connection between a skin and a full paid model leaked.
        If you want to enlighten me about the comunity be my guest.
        I’m not the lawyer of anyone, if someone is acting like a lawyer here its you.

  2. what are you saying zoso please you should try to stop you’re wrong and you still insist not to understand you are constantly making a criticism of everything, do you think ur self-knowledgeed?

    1. you understood less than others like you
      what would be the criticism?
      I have to congratulate the skins copied and created by the other authors.
      See not to answer anymore, because you make the most beautiful figure.

      1. Zoso, I can see that there is no point in trying to understand your reasoning since you speak without sayning anything, I still cant figure out if you are criticizing DavyBerto or what. You blab about facebook all the time and you just cant say what you mean. Anyway, have a good day.

      2. Zoso, What are you speaking about ? Always you don’t like anything and always you find something to criticize , please respect DavyBerto of work and dont talk anymore because when you speak be funny

  3. haha Ok then, man, have fun with your crusade through the internet.

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