Scania S skin

There guy’s

This is a skin for the Scania s series by SCS Software. I recommend configuration as shown in the picture. The lightbox isn’t included in the mod, so you have to make your own 😉

Happy trucking and see you later!




5 thoughts on “Scania S skin

  1. Driverstein

    the skin from the link is different,the Scania Logo is over a white form which is bad positioned…in your pics that white form is not appearing

    1. Dhere DriverStein,

      Sorry for that. I foget to say that you also have to use te ijsmods ful paint mod. Excuse me. I hope that makes it work properly


  2. Looks like a nice skin even if i havn´t tried it But what template did you use :)?

    1. There TIMDAM,

      I’have used the template by Ijsmods. Here is the link where you can find those:


  3. Can some one make skin whit is not in scs file. I want to put my name on

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