Scania S tuning update 1.43

Hello everyone, I leave you the update 1.43 of the Scania S tuning mod,
I apologize if the previous version 1.43 didn’t work, now it’s all fixed.
version: 1.43

do not reload the mod thanks.

Sorry for the bad English

Scs, Ciak


2 thoughts on “Scania S tuning update 1.43

  1. Warex DeLsi

    Hella lamba link pls

  2. adi2003de

    can i ask you something?

    can you explain for what do you have the unit folder?

    You have no other models for this Things .. no other signs .. no other Streetlamps .. nothing changed … But that folder was the problem on changing the patch!

    Take it out .. i think it is useless for your Parts!

    It is a very good mod! But let out, what you don´t need for the success of your Work!

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