Scania S-u-p-e-r 8/ Open Pipe Sound Mod V.3.0


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Open pipe sound mod only for scania V8 trucks.
-Startup sound
-Exhaust sound
-Too much crack sound
-Smoother and better
Tested in 1.16 version

Jim Air


15 thoughts on “Scania S-u-p-e-r 8/ Open Pipe Sound Mod V.3.0

  1. moteur v8 reveil toi mec ont dirait une casserole serieux n’importe quoi!!!!!

  2. I think its bedford sound.It cant be vabis sound.

  3. This still sounds like an engine that has been run with no oil in and is about to blow up

  4. please type in english

  5. 99% Fail

  6. Jhonny_V8_Power

    Going better, but I already listened to scania v8 open pipe and this is far away from sounding like that

    1. Even after listening to the linked youtube video..its not even close to the real sound ahahhaa xD

  7. deineMudda

    mh. it do not work for me ._. (for the scania T)
    Do you know why?

  8. It is made for the stock scania R included in the game,and for the scania T v. 1.4 by RJL. You should also have a v8 engine under your hood, wich means that it is only working with scania engines with more than 500hp. If you have any more questions, please mail me at [email protected] .

    1. deineMudda

      got the version by henrik but i thought it is the same .sii

      the engine is voer 500hp…dont know why it do not work

      1. Can you please send me your mail and a link to your scania t to convert it?

  9. Jim, I have to congrat you for the massive improvement since your last update, now it’s sounding so much better, but to be honest, I didnt like it yet. But you’re in the right way, keep it up!!!

  10. serieux c est quoi ce bruit il tourne sur trois pates ton moulin mon gars serieux t as un proble de soupappe ou un piston crevé lol lol en tout cas emmen le vite fait au mecaner car la y as un soucis serieux

  11. oi twats, stop giving him hate, and watch this
    this is a greek Scania sound, so it is not as how

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