Scania S Van Triest v 2.0

Skin for Scania S by SCS,
Rework and update of my old skin,
Works only on normal cab,
Lightbox texture included

Reccomended mods:

Big Lightbox Scania NextGen S&R v1.2
Scania painted accesories

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
Follow my page for more awesome skins:




5 Responses to Scania S Van Triest v 2.0

  1. Mairabu says:

    This skin owned by DavyBerto. This skin is update for old skin. zoso you are FAKE!!!

    • zoso says:

      Demonstrate that you have the same brain as your friend. Have you read well before writing?NO
      remember that I do not write if I do not know what you are talking about, which you did not do

      • Bailando says:

        Zoso, really we are bored your meaningless criticism anyway this paintshops work belongs to him what are you talking about ? Please respect DavyBerto if you arent then dont use anything nobody force you to use it

      • rigby says:

        The angry little man is back again, don’t you get tired of your own pointless mumbling?

  2. Alberto Vasquez says:

    DavyBerto as always Does excellent Skinworks, thanks for the update of your Skin, by the way Zoso you do not appear in the credits!

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