Scania S Vogel Skin

Scania S “Vogel” Skin by Bepreeh

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– Scania R & S Addons by 50k
– Scania R & S Addons by MdModding
– Lobar Scania Next Gen by MdModding
– Front Intake Full Paintable by MdModding
– Front Mudflaps Scania R & S by MdModding
– Wheels Pack by 50k

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Enjoy & happy trucking!



5 Responses to Scania S Vogel Skin

  1. Goosy says:

    Pretty good skin with the only problem. People are remaking the wrong SMALL lightbox that doesnt fit at all to these skins. There are many other BIG lightboxes like th paul walker one, or Stanleys lightbox that have the right size.

  2. DavyBerto says:

    Oh nice to see that you have used my J.P. Vis skin as base, at least you could have changhed the name of the folder from db05_s_s to something else my dear don’t you find?
    Keep up your “good work” if I can call it like this

    • Bepreeh says:

      I was very worn with this skin, when i upload to the Steam Workshop for some reason, there were a lot of errors with the .tobj files. So I had to use your work as a basis and then it turned out)

      • DavyBerto says:

        I understand that but asking me the permission on my fb page costs nothing, a lot of people has asked me permission for edit my works and I’ve always gived them the permission

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