Scania Sound Reworked


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Tested on 1.22

– New Noise Sound
– Blinker Sound
– More

Authors: Paulnice, Kriechbaum


11 thoughts on “Scania Sound Reworked

  1. Any Scania?… RJL, Streamline, R?

    1. SeriousSam

      simply download and have a look in the def folder. actually just for R & streamline.

      get it for RJL do rename one of the trucks folder scania.r to

  2. SeriousSam

    nice sound – quite bassy – so nothing really without headphones when driving at night 🙂

    keep on going dude

  3. sound good, but in my opinion, 1500 rpm should sound for 1200 RPM

  4. how did u get route adviser up there

  5. For me, this is one of the best sounds in game, maybe the best one. When i drive with headphones, its just sounds like a real truck. Thank man!

  6. and work it on Scania t??

  7. but not work on Scania r…why I don’t know

  8. the big fake this sound after check his sound for version on before Scania sound….

  9. not sound showing this video

  10. very

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