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Author: Komb

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  1. Komb says:

    Approaching 1000 downloads and not a single comment…
    Should I try to improve it or no one cares after all?

  2. Daniel says:

    hey guys can arrange to be sound on a daf xf who so how do I do that?

  3. Liabon says:

    This sound is one of the grom thing I ever heard.
    Really a great work.
    If something should be done with this it must be to try to get off some farting sound.

  4. DrunkBog says:

    Outstanding work!!

    Thank You

  5. DrunkBog says:

    Works on Patch 1.3.0 as long as you don’t use the retarder. If you do it crashes.

    Komb can you fix this issue?

    This is the best sound for Scania and I want to keep on using it.

  6. august says:

    The engine sound is ok, sounds like the exhaust is kind off broken, the retarder sound, whats with the wisthling ? horrible, guess u never have been in a real truck ? even the original retarder sound is a mess, the retarder sound for the volvo is more realistic .

  7. John says:

    Hi Komb, This is a nice sound file, Only thing I can find wrong is you can hear the indecaters and wipers on the outside of the truck, I’m not sure if you soppost to but its ok because it sound great and has nice airbrake sound sand stuff.

  8. biochazard says:

    to bad its not working whit dollby seround sound

  9. Dany says:

    And where the #### are the download link ?

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