Scania spoiler


Author: [UA] _Yarik_ [UA]


15 Responses to Scania spoiler

  1. Reaper says:

    Template? And why a fixed registration plate and not the game original?

  2. Kenny says:

    Make this mod compatible with custom paint, paint mods and make it modable with paint and so on, and fix the shadows. Anyway, AWESOME MOD, been looking for mod like this for a long time!! i dont like the topline 😉

  3. Andruilko says:

    Уважаемый Yarik, вы не могли бы выложить еще раз мод, но уже без заднего вашего номерного знака (оставить все как есть по дефолту)? Иначе спереди светится тот номер который мой, а сзади ваш, так нельзя. И пожалуйста верните родной цвет основания рамы трака, а то белые баки несуразно смотрятся и двигатель можно в черный цвет сделать. Кузов со спойлером хороший, замечательный, спасибо только за мод!

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      nobody understand this, so english please!!

    • Andruilko says:

      Dear Yarik, you could not put another mod, but without the back of your license plate (or leave it as it is by default)? Otherwise, the front lights that number which is mine, and your behind, you can not. And please return the native color of the base truck frame, and then white tanks awkward look and the engine can be done in black. Body with spoiler nice, wonderful, thank you just for fashion!

      Sorry for Google’s translator!

      • Mak-Kyver says:


        • Moderater says:

          if u make it so we can put skin’s on(that dont get messed up)it would make this mod a must have. but till it works properly with other mods and the skin’s dont get meesed up then it worth using.

  4. hex says:

    I would definitely use this if it didn’t affect the chassis textures. The engine is made bright silver and the inner wheel wells are highly reflective. Also the shadow is messed up and either the rear wheels or rear wheel covers are out of position on the 4×2.
    I hope a fixed version might be released if possible.

  5. Reaper says:

    Yea all of the above in a fix and maybe one who supports skin or a template. And why dont fix the front grill and the airvents round the scania logo to the 2013 model with chrome

    • olstad says:

      well if you don’t have an v8 it isen’t chrome your fool

      • Reaper says:

        Hah! I wonder whos the fool!? I have seen plenty of R360 trucks 2013 yrmodl where i live with the new grill!? It may be a custom order from start but thats what i like!

  6. Moderater says:

    also would be a gd mod if u could skin the truck and worked with other mods

  7. Sota says:

    Hey! Don’t Work No Spoiler :\\

  8. Vladiglobe says:

    Is it works on 1.4.1 and higher ?

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