Scania S&R Extended Front Bumper 1.31.X

Extended front bumper for the Next gen Scania S and R in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Note from the Author:
This is my first mod i made and im still not knowing how to get the UV Mapping correct to get it

skinned with the template how it should be.
Im working with zModdeler3 so if some one can help me out with that it would be awesome!
Also im not getting the Def files working to make it a addon (Can also use some help with that),
the mod will be on the lowest version of the bumper at service. (Low Lak)
I hope there is a nice guy that can help me out with finishing the mod. For now enjoy it!

Bexter12, Terg


9 Responses to Scania S&R Extended Front Bumper 1.31.X

  1. Steve says:

    Not work for me

  2. STekerr says:

    doesnt work for me either

    • STekerr says:

      nvm that, it works, you just have to disable any other bumper mods
      Look very good mate, thanks for sharing it

  3. STekerr says:


  4. JoachimK says:

    193,3MB ?

  5. Leonox says:

    mod work fine you must select the low bumper,nice work !!!

  6. Niels Beunder says:

    Can you pleas use the same download link that i have made on the forum, otherwise i will not update the mod anymore

  7. mar says:

    How To Skin this mod, i use a example skin but that’s bumper Skin looks weird and Different, must edited def, But How???

  8. adit says:

    how to skinning,

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