Scania Streamline Fortnite Skin

Hello! I made this mode for Fortnite players… This mod is for Scania Streamline and for 1.30.x version.
Enjoy and do not copy it. Thx!

Ambrus Mihnea


9 Responses to Scania Streamline Fortnite Skin

  1. Scooby123 says:

    Why we still here.. just a suffer

  2. zui says:


  3. YBJ JOHN says:

    Not bad

  4. DaFuse says:

    End my suffering

  5. 27C says:

    Use Png images for creater better

  6. iTzSplashed says:

    the ugliest skin i saw so far for ets2. 1. fortnite is the gayest game available currently, with its 8 y/o ####### dumbass community 2. this skin was probably not even 2minutes of work. ####### dumb kid.

  7. JoachimK says:

    WTF is that ??? You make me suffering and laughing. LOL

  8. KarenGrigoryan says:

    Да уж, теперь просто фотку натянули без подгона и назвали скином;))))

  9. Edwards says:

    whats the point of making a low poly skin with a jpg image? Goddamit

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