Scania Streamline Konzack skin


Konzack skin for Streamline



17 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Konzack skin

  1. Hello, what mod are the wheels?

  2. truck link pls

  3. @ Kuda wheels link:

    @ Madeon truck is the original Scania R but the tuning mod is scania mega store

  4. it’s very nice your truck my friend
    I want you to contact me as I would have like to have on council use the software for your skins and you ask questions about the 3 D if you know it
    thank you in advance and good pencil between skineur

    en francais
    je voudrais que tu me contacte car j aurais aimer avoir des conseil sur le logiciel utiliser pour tes skins et te poser des question sur la 3 D si tu la connais merci d avance et bon crayon entre skineur

    1. @ Yankee you can contact me by mail [email protected]

  5. MidniteTrain

    This is one of the best skins I have seen to date. Awesome!

  6. Thanks !

  7. ghettobootleg1

    can u give a link to the axle mod plz

    1. @ ghettobootleg its scania mega store mod

  8. Thanks for all comments

  9. @ Midnite sure am not sending viruses here is the sharemod link

    1. Thank You

  10. MidniteTrain

    Ghass72, you are one hell of an amazing guy, Thank you. Sorry about the virus thing.

    Verbatim, thank you as I did not know this product. Thank you all. Midnite

  11. Verbatim thanx & i already have that add-on & no problem with me all works fine.

    Midnite its ok man never mind, i received some comments from others that the problem same as yours so i stopped uploading for that hoster.

  12. nitin vaid

    How Your Grill Is COlored

  13. nitin its Scania mega store mod

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