Scania Streamline V8 Revolution Sound Mod


Some of you have been waiting more mods from me, and now i’m back and I Bring you some new totaly rebuild sound mods with better quality and more acurate. Now this is totaly rebuilded mod the Scania sound mod have redisigned interior sounds, realistic and autentic sounds Stright pipe but now much smoth and is aggressive when you give on full pedal. So with this all i can say that is a new start for me and i’m hoping that you like this one, and my new future sound mods. Always evolving.
Now Presenting my V8 Scania Streamline sound mod For SCS Scania Streamline. Finily post is here and there you go guys grab it hope
you like this mod and enjoy it. Leave your feedback.

Author: ComandoreOne


17 Responses to Scania Streamline V8 Revolution Sound Mod

  1. Mex says:

    Soft sound! Can you made a nice volvo Fh16 sound like real volvo sound?

  2. tyrannix2342 says:

    nice sound:)

  3. Lars says:

    Yeah…#### as the rest of your sounds. It’s not even close to real truck.

    • Tommy says:

      The truth has been spoken xD But he is recording his sounds from real life : Coming to bathroom and recording sounds from washing machine because it sounds like that, next FAIL Tekno FaggotHouse ahahaha xD

  4. AD23 says:

    ^ have some ###### respect, i think its fine. come on then mate post a vid of a sound u made… Great job ComandoreOne! will give it a good testing, nice length of vid to

  5. A High Hamster says:

    really good sound if you have a headset with bassboost

  6. ComandoreOne says:

    Thank you guys for your support! I do realy expect a good critics comments and also if you realy like and support me and want to see even better sounds mods and difrent mods like i’m planing to do an retexture mod of planty truks like Scanias, Daf, Volvos, all textures will be done in Full HD max textures from real trucks, i got over 2000 HD textures and pictures from real trucks that i will be working on for trucks! So stay tuned and check my youtube there are special giveaway contests going on! And thank you for respect and support all that supporting me! I will do my best my dear friends!

  7. XJadynX says:

    I think I just came a little.

  8. breizhdave says:

    hello very good sound. Would you also the link to the trailer in your video.
    thank you.

  9. djim says:

    hey, could you pls let me know what graphics mod you are using? thnks

  10. ComandoreOne says:

    Hello my dear friends and everyone who supporting me and giving me force to keep doing my work!

    Now i have some small update now this sound works on 50Keda’s Scania R2008 and on SCS Scania R2009, go to the youtube and get it!

    Thank you Best Regards ComandoreOne! More Updates comming!! Stay Tuned! Cya

  11. Dude says:

    Did you heard sometimes how actually Scania engine sounds like? o.O

  12. Scania Biler says:

    Can you give this beatiful wheels,plz?

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