Scania Streamline V8 Sound


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Scania Streamline V8 Sound with last sound L6 scs reworked louder exhaust and Streamline.

Tested 1.12.1



4 thoughts on “Scania Streamline V8 Sound

  1. dulebi me to brutal 10.1 i to kalipti o brutal?

    1. Δεν ξέρω…

  2. Why you dont’t write your name and the changes you have made
    this is not my original ?????????

  3. Faelandaea


    Whatever you did to this mod, it sounds like a Volkswagen Bug, not a truck. I guess this is realistic if you have a small compact car engine installed on your truck, but good luck hauling a trailer with one of those. But on the bright side, your gas mileage must be great with an engine that small 🙂

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