Tuning Accesories for all trucks v1.12


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or the truck s


Patch: 1.4.X

Credits: Moders Teams Poland

Modification is a collection of parts mounted on trucks and their interiors (interior tuning in models of MTP issued). The mod works on version 1.4.x.

Content to the type of model
(in brackets are the authors of the materials used, the clamp – our creativity, question mark – author unknown).

– Angel Eye (Scania1988)
– Hella Chromium (?)
– Hella Rally Cap (?)
– Bosch (?)
– Mark lumens blue and yellow (Chri)
– Chrome Blue (?)
– Hella Led Chrome (?)
– Hella Chrome Ring (?)
– Backwards – with the Reverse (?)

– Ice Blue – with strong intensity
– Red
– Red x3-Three-point
– Blue
– Yellow
– Green
– violet
– Warning-flashing
– Flasher left and right
– Red + stop – Three-point with brake function

– L
– S
– G
– ADR (Sharp)

– Michelin doll – marked (EED123)
– Inscription SUPER (Alang7)
– Horseshoe (Capelle)
– Hadley – Large trumpet (Snaip)
– Big Bonfire – wide kogót warning (?)
– Sign of the driver and front passenger with a frame-LED Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, White (all lit)
– Roof antenna (?)
– Antenna left and right side (Trucker)
– Kelsa pipes for roof, front and bottom grill and the side protection moldings
– Roof box (21Seconds)
– Fire extinguisher (SheryO)
– Ladder (Ventyres)
– Decals on the Windows side: Mercedes (DriverWRC)
– Ribbon () is not for the Axor II available?

– Girl (?)
– Lion (dedicate,)
– Calvin Volvo, Scania (DriverWRC)

Signs – highlighted:
– Dachser
– ups
– Raven
– DB Schenker
– Willi Betz
– LKW Walter

Accessories inside (only works with MP3 and Axor by Moder Team Poland)
– Scarf Poland (Matey_Socho)
– Pennant Poland
– Pennant BTC
– Compressed air (MRscool)
– Trailers – Dreamcatcher (Sharp)
– Dice (Jules)
– Mercedes Logo (?)
– Laptop (Mwl4)
– LED Cross Blue, White, Yellow Red, Green, Purple
– Navigation (Mwl4)
– Curtains Blue (Luke Jarzynka), Black, White, Brown, Green
– Sticker on the glass: EUR 3 (DriverWRC), 4, 5, Environmental Zone 2, 3, 4, green leaf
– Vest (Joker)
– Blonde (Legend)
– Boy (Vlasta)
– Alan CB 48 (Redhawk) is not available for the Axor II
– (?) IPhone is not available for the Axor II
– Label printer Neon “Actros” is not available for the Axor II
– viaTOLL
– Linen
– Trailer

Moders Teams Poland


12 thoughts on “Tuning Accesories for all trucks v1.12

  1. You guys ar ereally awesome 😀 😀 😀

  2. ATTENTION: this is just an old version, to ETS2 v1.4.12 made in september/2013!!!

    is not updated to v1.12.1 – sep/2014!!!

    1. thanksz theosz

  3. Work in 1.10.1s ?????

    1. LionBuster

      nope. Is a FAKE

  4. Everything works fine on 1.12

  5. i do not appear to mercedes accessories inside where it’s bullshit

  6. Faelandaea

    I can verify this is just a re-uploaded copy by someone trying to make bucks off Poland’s work. The only sure way to get a true legit copy is directly from their web site. Team Poland does not post on this site. They use their own web site. http://moders-team-poland.jimdo.com/ There you can confirm that their most recent version of this file was uploaded:

    06-04-2014 18:38 for the accessories,
    06-02-2014 21:31 for the Mercedes Specific pack,
    08-12-2013 09:26 for the Volvo specific stuff.

    Those are the versions I have (the OFFICIAL versions) and they work great with version 1.12, so whatever this download is, it’s just someone leeching their work to make a fast buck on these download sites (another reason I do not upload my mods – you’d do the same to me as well, guaranteed).

    At least this uploader gave proper credit. Been seeing a lot of re-uploads of this pack without credit to Team Poland.

  7. André Taust

    is also for the patch 1.13.3s

  8. routar 52

    je n’arrive pas a télécharger avec sharemod pourquoi?

  9. hi I downlad the file copied it to the mods folder, all the lights are available to buy but the don’t come on when I switch on the lights, what could be the problem? please answer via my email address, [email protected]

  10. is it work on the latest version 1.30?

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