Scania Streamline V8 sound



Here’s my V8 Scania sound for the new Streamline one.

On the video, it’s not a Streamline one, i can’t make a video of it,
because i don’t run the game on steam.

But it works nice with the Streamline one.



45 thoughts on “Scania Streamline V8 sound

  1. Turbo.Star

    How do you know it works nice in streamline? You never even checked it i believe. How can you even make a mod for the thing that you don’t have? This is ridiculous.

    1. kriechbaum

      I forgot to mention : Blinkers sound are from my friend TurboTruck.
      Thanks to him for that.

      And for ID Turbo.Star,

      Yes, as you said, it is ridiculous to make a mod for a truck that is available via STEAM, and that i tested with a friend that uses Steam, by sending him the files after he said me the informations i needed about this new Streamline.
      Yes it is ridiculous…

      1. Turbo.Star

        Ok I understand you got testers to test out your mod. But don’t you find it strange that you made a mod for streamline truck that you have not got it YET? I am not complaining that it SUCKs…All i am saying is that you should have waited abit and then test it out your self.

        Anyways, Do you mind lowering the interior volume? Just by a bit or 2

        1. Turbo.Star

          noob…I realized before ur mom was born…####

      2. hey kriechbaum i got a ask the mod (al 3 versions of the scania streamline v8 sounds arent working even no sound comes off it And the only one that can fix it is deleted or updated i mean the Sound Scania Streamline File…. Pls help

  2. Merci Kriechbaum +1

  3. MattV8_730

    I am the tester of all sounds mods of Kriechbaum, I’am on Steam and I have the Scania Streamline with this v8 sound it works perfectly !!

  4. kriechbaum


    I finaly do not understand what you want.

    I think you don’t know about modding sounds.
    Create a new sound mod is not easy, BUT, and it’s the case for this Streamline, adapt an existing sound mod from a truck to another one is really easy to do. Just rename the paths.

    Even if i don’t have the 1.8 patch yet and this truck, i don’t know where’s the problem if i want to share my mods to the community. You should be happy. Yes, no?
    And as i can see, it works for you, because you ask me how to lower the sound level.

    For this, open the mod with winrar, go to Def/vehicle/truck/scania streamline/sound/int

    You will find a .sii file that can be opened with Notepad or wordpad. Find the lines which refers to the 500/1500 rpm settings, and change the volume.
    For exemple, if it’s 0.90, lower it to 0.70, or whaterver you want. Then save, close everything, it’s done.

    And Yes, MattV8, Thank you very much.

    Good cooperation.


    1. Turbo.Star

      Alright, That is quite long to change the sound…i wouldnt wann do that :\ XD too long…

  5. Gordon Gekko


    this is a great Sound.
    Can you make this for the Scania R too ?

    1. kriechbaum

      It already exists :


      1. Gordon Gekko

        Thank you, but the Link on mediafire is offline

        1. kriechbaum

          Scroll down, there’s the link at the bottom of the page.

          It’s a mistake from the admin, i don’t know why he changed the download link…

          See U.

  6. Trucker Melli

    mein lieber freund kriechbaum …du lässt nach …kein original sound und keine abstimmung ich empfehle jedem scania driver den exhaust sound von maxx der ist authentisch alle anderen versuche sehe ich als gescheitert…oder noch einen tipp: fahrt mal im scania mit! grüsse an alle trucker und modder…gebt nicht auf…weiter so!

  7. I love the sound but everytime i want to use a sound of yours the only thing that works is the horn..

  8. toi t’aime bien faire ton rageux derrière ton ecran… Franchement kriechbaun est cool avec toi. Fais ce qu’il fait déjà après tu pourras la ramener mal élevé va!

  9. scania fan

    hi realy nice mod thx kriechbaum =)could u also fix a better engine bec now there are just 730 hp and love if u could fix atleast a 1000 hp motor with 16 gear transmission.. Peace and thx Scania fan =)

  10. Ce mod ne marche pas ?!

  11. MattV8_730

    There is my video about the Scania Streamline with this v8 sound mod !!


  12. kriechbaum

    Thanks everyone.

    Nice video MattV8. Thanks a lot.

  13. memo90frost

    Nice mod! There are some issues between RPM transition but overall it’s good.

  14. kriechbaum: I got time to check my gamelong.txt and this errors i got from your sound mod. Only enabled your sound thats all.
    Have a look.

    1. kriechbaum

      Thanks BlackOcen,

      Here’s the same sound without those logs errors :

      1. Hey once again thx for the reply with the updated version but it seems to me that the errors are still coming. I have tested this updated version 2 times.

        It’s a great mod just need little tweaks like the blinkers and horn should be louder because when u drive…i cant hear my own horn/blinker idk if that the way in the real life…:) Thx

  15. Lets say that i would like to have this sound to a volvo fh 2009 , how do i do that?

  16. Can you lower interior volume a bit and if possible change the gear changing sound, that one doesn’t sound so good compared to the rest 🙂

  17. kriechbaum

    Ok, no more logs errors with this version, also blinkers and horn are a little bite louder.

    Engine sound has been lowered a little bite (-2db)

    Hard to make everyone happy…

    This one is the same, but with another gear change sound :

    1. Done No more. Perfect mod! keem em coming 😀

  18. it does not work for me …

  19. Working perfectly!! I just wished that it was compatible with the 143m scania by Ek v 2.0. Is it possible to make that sound? The 143m one? After all it is the best Scania of them all

  20. How can i make this for working on v1.7.1s? can some one help me thank you

  21. its not working anymore since latest update and all of your open pipe sound mods to from Volvo to Renault trucks can u update them all for new patch:)?

    1. It works for me.

  22. Is the sound only for Scania Streamline and wil it work together widh other scania sounds ??
    Good work.

  23. I have the game on steam and when i drive a scania streamline the game crashes. I use v3.2 lowered. V3.2 is not compatible as it did chagne the sound while the fist version worked fine and i dont remember experience any crash. i will be removing this mod until the chrash issue is fixed.

    1. kriechbaum

      it’s a conflict mod problem. My sound is OK, tested many times. If a real problem came from the sound itself, it will simply never work for someone.

      Check all your mods. May be you have a scania truck mod, that has its own sound.

      Search for mod’s conflict.

  24. Your work with sound mods is really amazing Kriechbaum. Please, could you addapt the cummins sound for the 386 truck out there? I think its one of the few that you have left. I could really aprecciate. Thanks in advice!

  25. kriechbaum

    Hi, search for : peterbilt 387 cummins.

    I already done it. In fact the 387 and 386 are just the sames in ETS 2 mods. Just an error on mod’s name.


    1. Hi, I like this sound, but can you tell me how to edit this mod file to increase the air brake sound pls?

  26. Hi, I like this sound, but can you tell me how to edit this mod file to increase the air brake sound pls?

  27. Please leave the cracking sound of the gearbox? It like its broken.

  28. Николай

    Hello. Could you make the same sound for Scania R V8 and Scania streamline V8 for a patch 1.9.22?

    1. Andis_Kreps

      Yes! Me too need!! 🙂

  29. alain78160

    Bonjour, tes sons sont une vraie tuerie chapeau l’artiste , le seul problème j’ai installé ton mod sans aucuns autre mod je n’ai pas le son ,même en créant un nouveau profil nada ,voilou , rien ????
    Peux tu me dire pourquoi svp? si tu lis ce message en plus!!!!

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