Scania T


Scania T Truck

Author: Vlasta


7 thoughts on “Scania T

  1. Where do you purchase the truck (dealer and slot)?

    1. Re-write original Scania in game. Only Topline cab. Small bug position wheels…. save and load game … no lod.pmg upgrade, but after reload game, wheel have right position

      1. I guess there is a mod conflict in my game because I can’t get the T cab. can you make a standalone version (own cabs, chassis…)?

  2. THIS IS #### !
    Here on site are already GOOD MODS with this truck that do not conflict with others , do not replace all Scania and DO NOT need restart game !!!
    THIS IS WORTHLESS :(((((((((((

  3. no problem acteley it Work like a charm, and no problems vith 71 other mods, stop vining its a great truck , not like the one that thief jimmi made, no power no fuel nothing thats Works other than a ugley skin
    this one it Works run great drive even better than it looks and it looks great

    Viasta its a great Work of art plz continiu to make them sry my old englich

  4. Thank you Vlasta, your mods are always great and we thank you for the time you put into them.

    Clowns like MaxSenz have no understanding of what it takes to make a mod, like the way the community is going, expect mods to fall from a modders rear end!

    You have been providing the Community with quality mods for years now, thank you again. Verb

  5. Podrían hacer este mismo camión para la versión 1.16 xq otras versiones anda pero cuando vas a pasar x un peaje no llega al icono para pagar

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