Scania T longline skin


This skin fit RJL T longline Scania

only skin not parts etc!



10 Responses to Scania T longline skin

  1. ash says:

    where to find the rear lights mate? i’ve been looking for them everywhere

  2. icebeer75 says:

    veri nice

  3. icebeer75 says:

    Link Down

  4. says:

    а колёса такие можешь подкинуть??????????

  5. says:

    а колёса можешь скинуть????????

  6. says:

    и крышку на седло

  7. Mak-Kyver says:

    i understand only English or finnish language..

  8. Dhaos says:

    Hi. Is this skin will work on the Topline Cab? (Sorry for my english;p)

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