Scania T Longline Tandem v1


For Patch 1.15xxx
Tandem Chassis for all Cabins
Standalone Tandem Trailer included

Credits for Tandem Chassis : Malcom37
Credits for Base Truck : RJL (Fordsonmies), GT-Mike
Credits for some of Parts :Flemming V,50keda,Henki73,Zip Zalp

Its not allowed to upload on other hoster!


10 thoughts on “Scania T Longline Tandem v1

  1. scooterking

    the camera angle is not good if you look outside on so it will zoom all the way in so I can not see the truck.

    but it works fine and works in 1.14.2

  2. NPortegies

    Given the enormous length had been nice if the rear axle was steered. Furthermore, a very nice mod. This weekend see if it is fully to skinning.

  3. TeamScania

    Sharemods seems to be down and I can’t download the mod then. Do you maybe have another site with the truck on it?

  4. This nod works very well. I combined the regular tandem mod by running them at the same time and I ended up with triple the trailer to use. The length makes it a real unloading challenge depending on the map set you is too bad rear steer is not an option with this mod. Had. No problems with it at all and handles well on the road too

  5. The_Driver

    Video Scania Longline:

  6. Hey

    nice mod but can you make the box paintable because dat is zo nice

  7. very nice mod being driving it a while now. is their a sound mod for it? thanks keep up the good work 🙂

  8. 1.22xx look at it and crash

  9. The_real_Viking

    Plans upgrade for 1.31 or 1.32

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