Scania T Modified


I had originally released this on my Facebook page to celebrate 200
likes last week but I have decided to share it with the general public
It is the T730 that 1234batonik put together, but made standalone with
a new grill reworked in by me. According to batonik, it can be
skinned using the template from the T500 so I also included that
template. Enjoy!
Tested on v1.8.2.5s

Fchriss, SCS, Vlasta, Anaheim, Chudy, Ventyres, Tomek, Peerke145 for
help with lightmask, 1234batonik, Punisher


9 Responses to Scania T Modified

  1. Mathew says:

    The game crashes if I use this mod 🙁

  2. asr-2565 says:

    The floor very well. But installing the hood again through plate, but the driver and no coloring. I will hope for improvement.

  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    The view in cabin from the inside to the outside is way to low!

    And asr-2565 is right, please make a modification whemn possible?

    At last this truck is working well only pitty the above problems ocure

  4. kostas says:

    NICE JOB but The view to the outside is to low

  5. asr-2565 says:

    In this model, the view outside is better than the model of the GT-Mike.

  6. BigLarry1950 says:

    Great truck, just got it yesterday. Now on my second trip, I’m stuck at the toll gate near Torino, Italy. The barrier won’t let me get close enough. What do I do now? LOL.

  7. manzyy says:

    TRY THIS ONE work great and tested on :

  8. Mr_Rude says:

    Are u gonna do any uppdates on it like the interior?

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