Scania T Tandem – ByCapital v 2.0

scania-t-tandem-1 scania-t-tandem-2

As the title says. This mod adds tandem chassis for the Scania T by RJL.

You must have the Scania T 2.0 by RJL mod activated for this mod to work.

This mod comes with five tandem chassis for the Scania T by RJL. All chassis has the same tuning options as the original chassis. It also has several different side skirts exclusively for the tandem chassis, both painted and plastic variants.

• 4×2 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear Taglift
• 6×4 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Taglift

Available tandem boxes are the same as in Flemming V’s BDF Tandem Truck Pack.
The boxes uses the same skins as Flemming V’s pack so they are easy to skin.

Changelog v1.1 to 2.0
Updated to the latest version from RJL

Authors: Capital, RJL, Flemming V, 50keda


3 thoughts on “Scania T Tandem – ByCapital v 2.0

  1. Worse thing is there are almost no paints for this 🙁

  2. there’s lot of paints…just look around,
    excellent mod, thanks for the update

    1. I did but none of them were for This version. 🙁

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