Scania T + Trailer Future


Scania T+Trailer Future
Tested version
Truck Credit: GT-Mike
Trailer Credit: mihonspb, man400
Skin by Fred_be


20 thoughts on “Scania T + Trailer Future

  1. paul hodgson

    very nice fred

  2. Thanks Paul 😉

  3. yep good skin fred and the trucks a good one to mike

  4. Standalone ?

  5. Yes Standalone

  6. Grandpa the truck is by gt mike I think Fred as skinned it as you see in credits correct me if I’m wrong there apologise but gt mike scania t is stand alone and is good truck works perfect for me on latest version with going east and pro mod map Fred made the skin and is awesome thank you fred

  7. Fred do you know if there is a bigger chassis mod for the t series like a 10 x4 I think that heavy haulage ?

  8. this is not my mod must ask GT-Mike
    Thank you to Gt-Mike for this truck

  9. This is not the same truck Stewowe I do not know if you’ve seen?
    it is as if I am a DHL truck is not my skin too?
    We must stop always complain

    1. truck not same, but only skin. u only peplaced skin to your truck.

  10. Look what I have done 🙂
    This is perhaps not my skin hahahahahaha

    1. u have done only stolen skin!!!!!

  11. Stewowe stop being jealous and stop your crying continues to make your skins
    I steal anything if you make an existing skin on another truck
    You will come again after seeking advice;)

    1. jealous? 😀 u never maked something new. still is reproduction.

  12. En Français on dit ” tu réponds aux imbéciles par le silence” I would answer your comments more kids

  13. Fred dont listen to them who give you #### your one of the best on here appreaciated by all

  14. Stewowe but if I make a skin DHL it will be a reproduction stop making baby
    I love your work meets the work of others
    thanks lanwigan

  15. Fred the t cab scania is there any chassis mods you know of so I can get 8 x4 I know you do skin but wonder if you have come across any ? Cheers salou Fred

  16. sorry but the link don’t work!

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