Super Savegame v2 New


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Tested and working for all versions till!

Hi my Friends,

After the success and Thousands of downloads for the super savegame i
decided to release an update: v2

Here is the full Savegame v2 for the Euro Truck Simulator 2.


1)Paste the “profile” folder to My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2.
2)Start the game
3)Load the “Aldi” Savegame.
4)You’re done.

Savegame Features:
Money: 999.999.999
Level: 147074 (MAX!)
XP: 999.999.999
Driver Rating: 10! MAX
Miles Driven: 999.999.999
All unlocked content!
Modificated all trucks!!
Tested and works 100% for all versions

Try to start a new game, then save your game.Then try to copy my
profile to the same folder where your profile is! Hope it works!

Or You can watch my video tutorials for cheating Money+XP.

You should buy the game!


20 thoughts on “Super Savegame v2 New

  1. mankata78

    И от какъв зор да го правя това???? Не мислиш ли,че играта се обезмисля след това??!???

  2. GameCheatTuts

    Because it’s fun! 😛

    1. Huh, i dont think so.

  3. why do folk bother with this type of ####!!! answer the ones who who download it have no skill in the game this stuff should be barred from here

    1. Why are you here looking at it?

    2. i just got it so i can see what things i can get in the game see the different trucks

  4. it´s ######, not fun!!!!

  5. TruckSimFan

    The reason for profiles like this is so you can TEST MODS without having to mess up your current profile.

    You can buy as many truck mods and garages as needed without having to level up money, or XP.

    Seriously, the lack of intelligence in the comments on this site is staggering sometimes…

  6. Mercohaulic

    I was going to get this so my nephew can play. DL’d it and cant get in it. It’s password protected zip. Sheesh.

    1. GameCheatTuts

      The password is: gamecheattuts

  7. Sebastian

    My profile is much better.

    King of the Road
    Level 42 (184.392 XP)
    Driven distance: 120.009 km.
    Rating: 10.

    Truck: Scania Streamline Topline.
    Driven distance: 94.054 km.
    Series: Streamline.
    Chassis: 4×2.
    Cabin: Topline.
    Steering: Left-hand.

    Engine power: 930 hp (1030kW)
    Engine torque: 4,500 Nm / 1,060-2,350 rpm.
    Gearbox: Opticruise GRSO 925R.
    Fuel Tank: 700 + 700 l.

    Your money: € 195.857.910.-
    Garages owned: 140.
    Garage slots available: 700
    Average garage productivity: 86%.
    Profit for last 7 days: +€ 84.413.844.-
    Average daily profit: +€ 12.059.062.-

    At least I have more companies bought your profile and I did not raise anything with mod.

    Google Translate.

  8. Not working this savegame , not download please help

    1. GameCheatTuts

      Why it doesn’t work? It works for me.

  9. Scania38100

    Hello Your mods and ###### I have done all the same stage as you and I have hu ALDI account and it was the meter activation key

  10. Scania38100

    His work puts again the same mods without the metes quon activation key the damage done parseque of stp I run the profile must be the key to activation THANKS again in a new

  11. Brucesim2003

    Works fine on my end. You just gotta get rid of the extraneous files that have been included, and follow the instructions. Perhaps if this was reuploaded without the extra files, confusion would dissapear.

    And Trucksimfan’s comment is spot on….It’s a godsend for testing mods without fritzing your other profile.

  12. here is good for me so I try the mods before putting them on my main profile so thanks for sharing friend

  13. what is the password ??? svp

    what the password

  14. When I downloaded it, There isn’t even your profile in it when I unpacked it!

  15. MR-Trouble

    Haha i have better mods i have 1500 hp and a nice truck but gl

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