Scania T730 with interior


here im relaseing this truck to community
credits: base:David sendstock
remodelling and skinning:me
Logo terray
interir is kinda wip still
scania t730
its standalone



25 Responses to Scania T730 with interior

  1. Wolftrucker99 says:

    where can i buy it?

  2. NepiM3 says:

    Man, you must be genius!!! Give us pics where the truck is almost invisible!

  3. hauser35 says:

    What version is this for ??? there’s big texture problems in ver 1,8,2,5

  4. asr-2565 says:

    I thank you sir for this job and I think that vdalneyshem will study this model.

  5. scaniadriver says:

    Use your brain guys i am sure he put the truck there where you can buy a scania truck

  6. Leah says:

    the base is most likely from anaheim or JOK3R, not david sengstock.

  7. zeus says:

    Lol guys hahah in middle of dashboard is table and i dont even know that truck has sound lol and its davids base no anaheim leah

  8. TruckerCsizi says:

    Very nice! Thank you!!

  9. Matthew says:

    Don´t work again, again and again!!! You shouldn´t make it more if you can´t it!!

  10. balkanboy says:

    and kalash color is normal just u have crapppy gpu

    • Kalash156 says:

      Gigabyte Windforce 7970 GHz edition. Not crappy by any means. The color is not normal. It’s too bright.

  11. TerRay says:

    Lol I made better skin.. and its 100% skin by me but if u change thw whole skin okey…

  12. balkanboy says:

    terray i changed skin completely

  13. TerRay says:

    its 100000% by: TerRay
    u just change color and remove some things..

  14. zeus says:

    Loo no hahah my friend reworked while lines amd stuff message me il prove it!

  15. scania 12345 says:

    can u make it a scs file

  16. Freddy Jimmink says:

    What i can’t find is templates and .dds files to skin

    And if You make a T730 please make the right grill guys,

    Nice truck anyway and if i know how to skin and have templates and right grill it will be better

  17. balkanboy says:

    theres no tempalte

  18. Sören says:

    Hey First off aal hand off to the builder great truck.
    Don’t know what every body id bitching about truck works fine skins is nothing rong whit so guys if its to bright is your computer or screen
    i hope the builder dont mint but i put some extra mod on it b-grill, f-grill, r-grill, sunshield, codriver plate and driver plate is i have taken some pic’s hope you like them Grtz Sören

  19. manzyy says:

    see this one T730 :

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